Marathoners, Jaby and Wilee. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Still Smiling After Running 26 Miles :)

Marathoners, Jaby and Wilee. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Marathoners, Jaby and Wilee. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

A smile on the face of first time marathoners, just minutes after finishing a 26 mile run in the scorching heat of Hulhumale’, shows that pain is temporary. Being able to push through the pain and hours of suffering, keeping your heads up when you are at your lowest, on the long road to the finish line would certainly change your life forever – for the better. The happy miles, the teary miles, the unforgiving miles, the forgotten miles, and the longest miles towards the end adds up to 26.219 awesome miles; it certainly would be quite a story to tell.

Passionate marathoners, and two first timers. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Training for a marathon will change your way of life. Work-life balance, coupled with the long hours of training (and rest, which I see as a part of training), would require you to make quite a bit of sacrifice. It will change how you train, what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, when you sleep, and most importantly how well you sleep. It instills a particular discipline in individuals brave enough to take on this challenge – having a positive effect on your every day life.

Some marathoners from TfG #Outrun Team. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Some marathoners from TfG #Outrun Team. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Team Runners Maldives.  #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Team Runners Maldives. #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

It’s amazing to see so many first time marathoners in the CocaCola LONG RUN this year. Running has taken a steep up turn in the last couple of years, and it’s great to see more people getting into this way of life – it’s not just a sport. A marathon is quite a long distance to run. However, with the right training and preparation, any of you can do a marathon and finish it with a smile on your face. I’m not saying that it will be easy. I’m saying it will be worth it.


Farhan ran his first marathon, completely barefoot. Photo: @3000TfG  #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Farhan ran his first marathon, completely barefoot. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

If you are already a runner, a marathon is within easy reach. If you have never run before, let me tell you, it’s never too late to start running. Soon it would become a habit, and you can’t sleep without having run a few miles. If you ask around, quite many marathoners pick up running in adult life, or quite a late age. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, or how fast you can run, as long as you run. Challenge yourself to run a marathon next year.

Cheers and happy running!


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