Marathoners, Jaby and Wilee. Photo: @3000TfG #CocaColaLONGRUN2017

Still Smiling After Running 26 Miles :)


Tried a tri? You gotta try!

Getting ready to start. Photo: Hajja

Recap: Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race 2016

Dhiraagu Road Race 2015. Photo: Ashiya

My first run- 10km of puddles and phlegm!

Run a Marathon? Haha!

Run a Marathon? Haha!

Overcoming Catapedaphobia through Skydiving

Overcoming Catapedaphobia through Skydiving

One oar stroke at a time! (Not the actual rowing boat)

Rowing around the Maldives: taking voice of the Ocean

She will grow up to become  a mother

Dear Ladies, You Are Special

Seeing the sadness in his eyes breaks my heart

Silent Cries of a Child