Angel in Heaven. Copyright: ©2013-2015 itsatull

Angel in Disguise

Angel in Heaven. Image copyright: ©2013-2015 itsatull

Angel in Heaven. Image copyright: ©2013-2015 itsatull

From the depth of her soul,
I see a radiant beauty, shining bright;
From where the heart resides,
casting her own shadow, day and night.


In the corners of her eyes,
I see a certain beauty rare in this world;
From the cracks of a scarred heart,
reflecting inner beauty she truly hold.


From the heavenly gardens,
Coming to earth, not even realizing her worth,
She is an angel in disguise,
Walking with me here, it’s heaven on earth.


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    Dreary Day

    It was a dreary day here yesterday, so I just took to piddeling around on the internet and found