Awards & Recognition for the poem ‘Caught in Loneliness’

How long has it been since my last post. Hehe. I’m lagging behind. Don’t worry about that, as I am here with some good news today.

Some of you might have read a poem I wrote last year titled ‘Caught in Loneliness’. Well, a few days after posting it here, I submitted it to a contest on I did not anticipate anything. I didn’t get any feedback for that for a long time.

They took their time and surprised me last week. I got few impressive e-mails, and to add on to that, few mails waiting at my previous address which I didn’t care to pick up till last week. Yeah! Keep in mind that I’m careless. I still haven’t given my new address to the phone company and some other places… Hehe..

Anyway, I got a few awards and some more recognitions for that poem.

Editor’s Choice Award – Presented by and International Library of Poets.

Immortal Verses – It’s to be featured on this anthology, deluxe hardbound edition, coming out soon! You could order it online at Hehe..

The Sound of Poetry – It has been selected to be recorded in this 33 track, three-CD set, with 1 track for each poem. These 33 poems are selected from all the poems that had won Editor’s Choice Award.

Noble House Poet Fellowship Award 2007 – Not only a certificate; includes a gold pin (24-karat) wow!

The best poems and poets of 2007 – It’s a new book, to be published soon, with 1 page for each of the selected 200 poets. I’ve been asked to write a new poem for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Distinguished Member – Nominated by the Board of directors and advisory committee of the International Society of Poets.

By the way, that poem is in ‘Poets Choice – Rate my Poem’ contest now. You could go and vote here.

I don’t find that poem so great and it’s been a while since I lost interest in writing poems. What the heck! Maybe I should give another try.


P.S. Hope you wouldn’t mind typos and grammatical errors. I’m in a rush ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Solitaire says:

    Hammett, I have been selected each time I write a poem for and so have all my friends and cousins. Eventually they ask you to pay some amount for the collection to be sent to you or something. Its just a way to make money.

    Hope this does not offend you. Just thought I should let you know.

  2. il principe says:

    lol there goes the neighbourhood!

  3. bulhaa says:

    wow. thats quite the accomplishment! congrats!

  4. Anonymous says:

    actually anyone who writes a poem for gets an award. it’s something like a Nigerian scam. they will want to sell you a leather-bound book that includes your poem.

  5. maail says:

    @solitaires comment: uh oh..hehe

  6. Hammett says:

    Solitaire – oh really! Yea, that could be very true. :S Thanks

    il principe – ๐Ÿ™‚

    bulhaa – Thanks .. hehe…

  7. Hammett says:

    anonymous – is it.. i know abt nigerian scam… gotta look more into this… thanks for the tip..

    maail – Hehe.. yea, i know ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. the only line that showed potential was the last line

  9. shabaa says:

    but atleast ur feeling good about it all. so who cares even if they selected the poem from and i dont think u wrote that poem thinking its gonna be on the world top 10 poems or anything right? so congratulations. you shouldve posted that poem along with this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. EYE says:

    Hey congrats. One of my poems has also been selected for publication in ‘Immortal Verses’. But I don’t think that’s a book they sell in regular book stores. I did some research about on the net. the results are posted in this post of mine

  12. Congrats!Your poem was lovely but does that to everybody who sends in their awards.I am still getting such mails for registering to get membership here and there.

    Anyways,keep going!

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