Caught in Loneliness


Do you remember the old days?

When we used to talk every day,

When we used to laugh every day,

I would never forget those days.


Like teenagers in love, we were mad;

Those incredible dreams we had;

With you nothing at all seems bad;

Those days are long gone, yet so sad.


Dreaming about you is my passion;

In that, I don’t want any regression;

From no one, I need any compassion;

Without you, I’m in severe depression.


Dreams we had; lying on the beach,

Moonlit night, on the sandy beach,

To be alone, far from anyone’s reach,

For each other, we were peach.


Life would’ve been much better together,

Without me, you’ve gone further,

Thoughts and heartbeat, making life wither,

I’m lonely with feelings, trying to smother.




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  1. hudhuhandhu says:

    oh u poor poor soul! No wonder u have insomnia 😉
    nice work though!
    though reliving some of the childhood memories can make u cringe =P

  2. .mini says:

    its a nice poem.. 😀

  3. Hammett says:

    hudhuhandhu… u got a point there… thanx….

    mini… thanks to u…

  4. butter says:

    heyyyyyy thats such a niiiiiiiice poem……very touchyyyyy

  5. Radvixen says:

    wow i love this one!

  6. Hammett says:

    thanks guys… last poem of the year is comin out soon 😀 cheers!!

  7. Ouch,that hurt!

    Lovely piece of poetry there 🙂

  8. Hammett says:

    Sameera – Thank u!! 🙂 nice to see you here..

  9. shaffa says:

    wow.. lovely.. wht a poetry…
    very touching .. u can go much further in that;)