bird, fly, let go, poetry

Let It Go

bird, fly, let go, poetry

Let it go, and lets fly around

You’ve been in the gutter,
Uncertain of the future,
For far too long, without a clue;
Let it go,  and let me lift you.


Risking everything in suspense,
Starting with doubt to pretense,
You know it wouldn’t last;
Let it go, and let’s go dance.


Under strangest circumstances,
I’m taking the faintest chances,
Because you make me feel alive;
Let it go, and we will strive.


Without you, I’ll just walkabout,
Lost in the heat of the drought,
Like a crippled bird on the ground;
Let it go, and lets fly around.


I’m gonna avow and say out loud,
Coz there’s no shred of doubt,
It’s seed i would not sprout;
Let it go, and make this count.


Let go of vagueness and fear,
For something real and sincere;
Things will get much easier,
Just let it go, my dear!


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