The B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y E.F.F.E.C.T

eauty is in her heart, touched me so deep;

Unexpected attention, changed to love so steep

Tender is her voice, always make my day;

Trusted me like hell, never notion of breakaway;

Enchanting she is, with her I feel secure;

Resilience she brings, she is my life’s fixture;

Few moments, makes life so meaningful;

Love she gives, keeps my heart full;

Yearned for us, could’ve been so joyful.

Everlasting desire, keeps me spellbound;

Frenzy I am, daydreams that surround;

Fruitless I am, losing her I was astound;

Everyday so long, my mind her voices relay;

Crushed my heart, yet she wouldn’t betray;

Treasured moments, never fades away.


Cheers!!! Hammett

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  1. butter says:

    i luurvv dat picture aathee..and the wordings are sooo nice =]

  2. Hammett says:

    thanks buttercupss… 😉

  3. bulhaa says:

    deedja watch the movie??
    u shuud
    u shuud.

  4. b@LoOpUu says:

    wWoOWw..veryy touchyy..salhi varah.

  5. hudhuhandhu says:

    ooooooooh…. niiiice 😀

  6. Hammett says:

    bulhaa.. what’s that movie…? I haven’t watched it…

    thanks all of u guys… cheers.. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow very good poem bro


  8. hey man its ” OBI “

  9. Neobe says:

    love it…
    happy ?

  10. Hammett says:

    thanks to everyone…
    by the way, neo… u should start liking poems.. hehe.. who hates it… damn!!

  11. Simon says:

    “Trusted me like hell”??

    I too don’t like poetry unless it’s written by a poet.

  12. Hammett says:

    simon.. thanx for dropping by and the comment… I’m not a poet at all.. hehe.. just doing something for fun…
    by the way, “like hell” is an expression used meaning “very much” .. maybe that term is not suitable here. It’s informal..
    cheers!! 🙂

  13. kaiza shozey says:

    i liked the poem. but if i may, it kinda felt like u were trying too hard to make it read BUTTERFLY EFFECT than what u really wanted to say in the poem. its nice nevertheless. cheers. and u really should watch the movie. varah obi.

  14. Hammett says:

    kaiza shozey – In fact, i tried it that way.. the flow isn’t good dhoa.. anyway glad u liked it.. i haven’t watched the movie.. i should…. cheers!! 🙂