Time for Euphoria; Time for Gaiety

Lived through 365 days, both miserable and happy;

Cherished are good days, and forgotten are the unhappy;

Partially or fully, we tried achieving the resolution;

Time for change, starting with a new resolution.


Prosperity and happiness, this year would bring you;

Faith and new dreams, this year would guide you;

Love and caring, this year would engender you;

Trust and sincerity, this year would influence you.


Let go fear and tears, start with joy and smiles;

Learn from the mistakes, and start living new styles;

Greetings and wishes, glory drawn from several miles;

Networks getting jammed, bathing in compliments of all styles.


Neon lights and fireworks, gold light and star light;

Celebrated acutely BIG, sky bright with multicoloured light;

Countdown goes universally, joy, laughter and dancing on tiptoe;

Zero ticks the clock, New Year starts kissing under mistletoe;


Last post of the year, thanking you all for the read;

Your inspired suggestions, enjoyed and learned upon read;

Next year would bring, gripping intrigue to blogs we read;

A year of hope, peace, blessing and doing good deeds.




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  1. yo nice poem…n happy new year to u too man…:D

  2. awesome post 🙂
    I am your newest reader….shall be a regular one in 2008 🙂
    I hope it brings all the happiness your way! 🙂

  3. Hammett says:

    shiphattey.. thanx dude!!

    raaji.. so glad to hear that… thanks a lot … cheers.. 😀

  4. shak says:

    Its really intresting poem.wish u a v v happy new year.hows ur life and studying??

  5. hudhuhandhu says:

    Hapi new year Hammet 😀
    Wishing u all the best in the year ahead 🙂

  6. Hammett says:

    White Moon… nah… hudhuhandhu.. heh.. thanks.. same to you.. 😀

  7. Nice poem 🙂 Here’s wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, have fun partying tonight … LOL!

  8. Ashu says:

    Thanks for droppin bi sir. Would visit regularly 🙂

    A very happy 2008 to you 🙂

  9. Hammett says:

    nick.. thanks a lot for dropping by.. enjoy watching TV and any other plans you have.. 🙂

    ashu.. thanks… and happy new year to you… :))

  10. Hammett says:

    Shak.. Thank u!! happy new year to u… 🙂 talk to me in facebook abt studies.. i’m lagging .. hehe..

  11. hudhuhandhu says:

    how did u figure that out?? 😛
    that hudhuhandhu was meant to White Moon :)..
    Now mi secrets out..
    njoy the last moments of this year.. 😀

  12. Hammett says:

    eheh… now i’m a rocket scientist… 😛 … hehe.. *collars up* .. is it a full moon night in Male’… u2 enjoy… cheers! 🙂

  13. Kalyan says:

    Here’s wishing u and ur dear ones also a wonderful year ahead!

  14. Hammett says:

    Kalyan… thanks a lot… wishing you a very happy new year… cheers! 🙂

  15. hudhuhandhu says:

    oh well.. dunno abt the full moon part.. but am gonna be having awesome food tonight 😉
    njoy mr. rocket scientist 🙂

  16. ey nice poem eh.. btw u Maldivian??? O.o u don sound so and u don look so.. no offence ingey..
    u mihaaru Male ga dho?
    ne way, happy new year..

  17. Hammett says:

    Sunrise… of course.. me Maldivian ey… dhivehin tha vaahaka dhakkan vee.. hatharu kashimathi dhivehi raaje ey.. hehe.. no offence taken..;) not in male’.. i’m in London.. Thanks a lot… happy new year to you.. cheers!! 🙂

  18. samrina says:

    Very well written poetry…

    Happy new year to you too Hammett with loads of prayers n best wishes 🙂

    Take care

  19. Hammett says:

    Samrina.. Thank you!!! wish u a very happy new year.. have a blast!! take care.. 🙂

  20. b@LoOpUu says:

    All of us had gone, will be going, or is going through a life of great change, a life of great acceptance, a life of great pain, a life full of doubts, a life full of confusions -wish u all a
    y u shud all celebrate it..coz u r all still here living…cheeerrss..:-)

  21. a very happy new year to u too!
    nice poem btw 🙂

  22. pixsie says:

    Happy happy new year to you too!! And awesome post!!! 😀 varrah salhi inge!! really!

  23. Hammett says:

    Thank you all so much.. I had blast tonight…amazing fireworks around london eye… 😀 hope you had a good time, and once again “Happy NEW year 2008″…. cHeers!!!

  24. .mini says:

    happy happy new year to you too 😀

  25. nice..happy new year

  26. kukulhu says:

    oks man i read it at last….so become the shakespeare of this century…happy new year…….

  27. Hammett says:

    .mini – Thanks…

    maldivian mosaic – Thanks man.. cheers!!

    kukulhu – thanks.. i like the humour in that exaggeration… happy new year to u.. cheers!

  28. That was beautiful!Nice space you have here.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  29. Hammett says:

    Sameera – Thank u!! Hope you have a great year.. cheers!! 🙂

  30. sarah says:

    You have been kissed under the Christmas Mistletoe (-: