WHO AM I ? ? ?

As big as a giant, powerful and clever in mind;

Not liked by many, I was hard to find;

Evolving small in size, lickety-split I emerge;

Befriended overtime, having me is the urge.

Transforming life, I am earth-shattering;

Never tired, no qualms when catering;

The more I am told, the more I do things;

I sing and speak, and needs no bathing;

No legs no arms, and not any feelings.

This riddle is diddle; reading it is half the battle;

B@loopuu was the first to figure out; leave a comment on your way out.

THE ANSWER: C . O . M . P . U . T . E . R.

– Hammett-

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  1. bulhaa says:


    so am i right?
    do i get a cookie?

  2. Silly says:

    eheh.. i cudnt figureout anythin…

  3. b@LoOpUu says:

    hey, yeah..dis did really make me stop nd think..hehe..i dnt knw wat dis is actually guess its abt smthn related wat i think..:-)

  4. Hammett says:

    heheh….. there’s the winner at last… b@loopuu.. congratulations.. You’ll get a cookie.. 🙂

    Bulhaa… Nice try… :))

    silly… Thanks…

  5. kukulhu says:

    you penis…just kidding give that guy the prize he deserve

  6. b@LoOpUu says:

    wat wat..m i the winner..soni vettihje…heheh..really is dat the answer…:-P

  7. Hammett says:

    hehe.. of course you’re the winner… contact me to get your prize.. hehe.. cheers.. 😀