Who’s Going to Crack this?


I can hear, I can talk;

Friend of yours, yet I can’t walk;

One eye or two, some of us have;

Some have none, yet you enslave.


Friends and loved ones, I bring closer;

I don’t love you, yet you keep me closer;

Needless to sleep, sometimes you let me;

Difficult time, you’ll have without me.


This riddle is diddle; reading it is half the battle;

Lavender was the first to figure out; leave a comment on your way out.


– Hammett-

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  1. lavender says:

    its a cell phone..

  2. b@LoOpUu says:

    iv won half of de battle,iv read it..heheh..
    is da answerr “HEART”..
    dis time also jus a guess..heheh.

  3. Siadh says:

    Haha, Thats my Nokia N95!!!!

    Even Golhabo could have cracked that one, he’s cracked open many you know.

  4. Mode says:

    crackd my head!
    but no luck.

  5. hey err.. wat is it? i cudnt guess it.. tell me are u a Maldivian? just thought to ask.. ;p

  6. Hammett says:

    well… Lavender got it right first.. congrats!!! 🙂 hehe.. You’ll get a cookie… contact me 😉

    Kaiza.. Nice try.. cheers!!

    B@loopuu… Heart??? Bad guess this time.. 😉

    siadh.. you got it right.. just a bit late though… sure golhabo could have.. 🙂

    bulhaa.. Nah.. not a computer..

    mode.. You got very close.. cracked your head and emptied it, still the answer was sticking to the side. That why you didn’t find it… 😉

    clr of sunrise.. Of course, I’m a Maldivian… hehe.. thanx for asking… 🙂

    Sorry for taking so much time for moderation. I was sleeping all day… thanks for visiting … cheers!!

  7. hudhuhandhu says:

    oh u finally got ur beauty sleep eh??
    gud for u hammet 🙂

  8. Hammett says:

    hudhuhandhu… yea.. 10 in da mornin to 4pm… not quite enough but alright.. thanks.. 🙂

  9. shaari says:

    damn, you’ve alredy revealed the answer. u shud’ve waited until i gave a try…heheh…

    anywayz best wishes for the new year

  10. Hammett says:

    shiphattey.. of course, it’s a phone .. 🙂

    shaari… yea.. a bit late dhoa… you saved cracking your head against the wall.. anyway, more coming up next year… a prosperous new year to you… cheers!

  11. Solitaire says:

    I guessed too!! a cookie for me?

  12. Hammett says:

    Solitaire… a little bit too late.. heh.. the first person gets a cookie.. good guess.. i’d be bringing more riddles… 😀
    happy new year to you.. cheers!! 🙂