Addressing the damages of COFFEE

I wrote an article on Sunday about how we benefit from coffee, mostly emphasizing on health. For you guys, who haven’t read it, here’s the link. My dear friend, Sarey, after reading that article, sensed bias in it. That’s true actually. I was totally ignoring the bad effects of that. He wrote an article highlighting on how caffeine could kill you, with reference to past cases as well. Here’s the link for his article. Sarey, I’m honoured to have a friend like you, and thank you for taking time to address it. I would highlight on some other bad effects of coffee, not mentioned in his article.

Everyone knows that coffee is a stimulator. It gives adrenals a kick, causing in production of more adrenalin (handles stress) and more cortisol (which is also known as the stress hormone) resulting in a short-term benefit of heightened awareness. The quantity required to boost this get higher and higher making you want to drink more and more to get the required effect. It could get very addictive and ultimately could result in adrenalin exhaustion. The raised level of cortisol results in constriction of blood vessels, harder pumping of the heart and higher blood pressure.

Caffeine and some other substances produced by high heat of roasting (creosote, pymdine, tars and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). These substances are acknowledged carcinogens (cancer-causing substance or agent). However, coffee has never been conclusively linked to cancer. At least, not yet.

Coffee contributes to dental caries which is an infectious disease damaging the structure of teeth, and causes tooth decay or cavities. It causes more frequent urination and subsequent loss of various vitamins and minerals such as B, C, calcium, iron and zinc. It also hampers the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, iron and B’s.

Caffeine in coffee may aggravate osteoporosis by leaching calcium from bones, may also increase intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma, and aggravates stress in people who drink it every day. Many of the chemicals in coffee (including decaf) irritate the lining of stomach causing an increase of stomach acid leading to digestive disorders.

Coffee been the most heavily pesticide sprayed crop, also affects quality of sleep. It’s not an exhaustive list of bad things, but quite a bit huh! Still, it’s widely believed and proved that it is far healthier than the damages.

DO NOT drink coffee if you’re pregnant, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, gall stone, high cholesterol, or a tendency for blood clots or stroke. Try to avoid coffee at all, if you have mental illness, insomnia, or anxiety.

For those of you who doesn’t have any of those problems and drink coffee daily, you could consider taking a good vitamin or mineral supplement to replace lost electrolytes, minerals and vitamins due to diuretic effects. Don’t forget to drink PLENTY of WATER.

After reading about benefits of coffee, most of you guys felt good that you drink coffee. There were some good comments. You’ve the right to know the damages it causes as well. Hope this was informative although coffee drinkers certainly wouldn’t enjoy reading it.



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  1. MMW says:

    At least you didn’t end this post by telling everyone to “totally stop drinking coffee or face death”….

  2. Preethi says:

    I’m vegetarian…i don’t smoke…i don’t drink…. i never eat any deep fried stuff (how boring i know) and now i have to think twice before drinking my beloved coffee every single day!! (sniff! sniff!)

  3. Margie says:

    Hi there Hammett
    First let me thank you for your visit to my blog, and your kind words!

    This is a good post with lots of valuable info!
    I do drink coffee, but not too much!
    I am more of a tea drinker!
    Take care and please come visit me again!


  4. Solitaire says:

    Oh boy am I glad I dont drink lattes, no espressos, no frappucinos (is that spelt right?).
    Only soy milk for me!

  5. Neobe says:

    electrolytes, minerals and vitamins … cholestrol…
    damn ! make life simple buddy…i love your recent articles (except poems of course!!)
    but wot do u think the healthiest drink in the world is ? answer is … there is not such thing as healthiest…everything with has its brighter and darker side…its the law of nature…
    its up to us to balance them, abuse them or wotever… makes sense ?

  6. Hammett says:

    mmw – hehe.. I wouldn’t end it like that… 😉

  7. Hammett says:

    preethi – Well… What’s boring to me might not be boring to you.. and vice versa.. we all have different paths in our life.. I’m sure you’re a vegetarian because it’s what you think is best for you.. 🙂
    You doesn’t necessarily have to think twice before your morning coffee.. 😉
    It’s good to know both sides of everything.. and if you go over the limit… u’ll know what to expect.. cheers!!

  8. Hammett says:

    Margie – How can one stay away from a real poets space… loved your writing.. 🙂 Would read regularly..

    Maybe, it’s good that you don’t drink coffee as much as tea.. nevertheless, coffee has four times the anti-oxidants of Green Tea.. excellent anti-depressant… enhances performance and memory…
    Thanks for visiting my blog… cheers!!

  9. Hammett says:

    Solitaire – hehe.. you spelled everything right, but frappuccinos..
    Soy milk is good for you.. you’ve nothing to worry about… cheers!! 🙂

  10. Hammett says:

    Neo – Hehe… don’t worry.. keep the knowledge at the back of your mind.. it might come in handy sometime… meanwhile forget what you’ve just read.. and keep drinking coffee!!!
    Exactly, it’s totally up to us and it’s good to know the limit, though..

    PS. What’s with you and poems!!!

  11. c e e d y says:

    Dude I am a coffee addict and never really paid attention to it….your second last para might be right – I do actually feel tired after a while….of having a coffee…

    Thanks for the insight – now will think of getting a coffee patch 🙂

  12. Hammett says:

    yea… i guess so…
    hehe.. do they have coffee patches? maybe I should think about a nicotine patch first… cheers!! 🙂

  13. Keshi says:

    o nos I love Coffee! 🙂


  14. Hammett says:

    Keshi – can’t say NO to coffee… 😉

  15. swag says:

    Give it up already. It’s frigging coffee. It’s been with humanity through centuries of safe consumption in moderation. Let’s not act like this is something totally brand new already, like when people thought mobile phones would give us all brain cancer.

    And with life expectancy now on the decline, obesity at epidemic levels, the industrial food supply killing people every year from product safety issues from China and farm runoff in the States, and more processed corn products in our diets than ever, why the hell are we still worrying about something with as long and innocuous a track record in human history as coffee?

    Does anybody know anything about proportion and perspective anymore?

  16. Hammett says:

    Swag – First of all, thanks for visiting here.. you comment is really enlightening..

    Can you relate the issue here to mobile phone causing brain cancer…
    I don’t think so…
    you’ve got many facts there.. but u can’t really say coffee is innocuous. It’s totally wrong to say so, knowing that there have been death cases related to it, and many other problems caused by it.

    Not that I don’t get your point.. I drink coffee a lot.. a LOT.. I don’t care it doing me damages.. but the benefits i get from it is, a lot more in comparison… and the level of consumption that cause severe problems, is so much higher than most people would consume…
    I bet you love coffee!!

    cheers!! 🙂

  17. hudhuhandhu says:

    I’ve never being much of a coffee drinker.. So Yay!! 🙂
    n Good luck with ur exams 😀

  18. Hammett says:

    White moon – hehe.. it’s easy to write that.. gud for u…. and thanks… done with assignment.. *relieved* .. won’t be long til exams r over.. hehe.. cheers! 🙂

  19. I-kko says:

    im a coffee drinker but not that much.. i love coffee though!
    cool post! thanks for the info

  20. Hammett says:

    ikko – no problem…. 🙂

  21. EYE says:

    nice post:) I must show it my husband, who seems to drinking coffee the whole day. Yes you can link up to the article on my blog.

  22. Hammett says:

    white moon – yea.. it’s time to have more faith in people… no more approvals.. cheers! 🙂

  23. Hammett says:

    Eye – thanks… i’d definitely write somethin about it and link back to you.. cheers!! 🙂

  24. Dr.John says:

    I never did like coffee and hardly ever drink it. But now I can tell people why. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  25. Hammett says:

    Dr.John – no problem…. welcome here… gud for u, that u don’t like coffee… don’t u think u’re missing sum good as well… cheers!!

  26. Good or bad. I’m totally hooked to coffee. And if I don’t get my morning cup of coffee, I’m an absolute grouch all day … LOL!

    Happy weekend to you …

  27. Keshi says:

    not anymore cos he’s my BF na hehehe.


  28. b'day blog! says:

    whens your birthday?

  29. Hammett says:

    Nick – I hope you wouldn’t avoid your morning coffee after reading this… sure u don’t wanna be a grouch!!!

    This is not gonna be a weekend in my calender… I’m gonna be literally living in the library till Wednesday… exams!! :S
    Good weekend to you… cheers!!

  30. Hammett says:

    Keshi – Your new BF huh… hehe… u lucky gal!!! 😉

    B’day Blog – Thanks for asking… it’s 30th May.. cheers!!

  31. Born Free says:

    “Moderation”- is the key word here!

  32. Hammett says:

    Born free – thanks man.. you’ve concluded it in 1 word… cheers! 🙂

  33. Margie says:

    Thanks for visiting again!
    I just made a pot of coffee!
    I’m going to enjoy it!
    Have a great weekend!


  34. Hammett says:

    Margie – have a great weekend…. cheers!! 🙂

  35. This is a very interesting and informative post about coffee. Lots of people love this drink and you can buy it everywhere now, even on a vending machine to Starbucks. Though, we really have to think about the bad effects and as much as possible, prevent it from happening. Thanks for such a wonderful article.