Coffee Is More Beneficial Than The Damages It Cause

Don’t disagree with me yet!! First have a look at what I have to say. I drink a lot of coffee every day. So does most of you. It’s hard to start the day without a coffee. Coffee is both healthy and unhealthy at the same time and we know it. It has been proved that coffee keeps you healthier than the damages it cause. So why not drink 6 cups a day?

I’m not going to elaborate on the unhealthy part. ;). University of Scranton revealed that coffee is America’s no.1 source of antioxidants, an important compound that protects your body from many diseases; mostly chronic diseases. Antioxidants help stave off cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and also lessen premature aging. This study ranked black tea as the second source of antioxidant and banana as third. Their advice for coffee drinkers is to spread coffee throughout the day. 🙂

Caffeine, the main ingredient of coffee, is used to for the treatment of Somnolence (drowsiness), migraine, and fatigue. It is also used to boost the action of pain relievers. It lowers your risk of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. Having 3 cups a day reduces diabetes by a single digit, while 6 cups a day reduce it by 54%. Research has shown that men who take 4 to 5 cups of coffee (caffeinated) cuts the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease nearly in half compared to men who takes little or no caffeine daily. Caffeine enhances physical endurance, and protects against cirrhosis of liver (a disease causing damage and scarring of liver tissue and progressive decrease of liver functions). People who smoke tend to drink coffee more, and are at less risk to heart disease and liver damage than people who drink less. The more you drink the better it is. What’s that look? You don’t believe me? Google it!!! It’s not me who’s saying all this. More than 19,000 studies have been done on coffee and there’s lot of information available out there.

Coffee also contains substances responsible for giving anti-adhesive and anti-bacterial properties which help prevent dental cavities from forming. I wish it could make my teeth whiter :). It also helps in treating asthma and headaches. If you are an asthma patient, and you run out of medicine maybe at midnight, try drinking some coffee. One or two cups, maybe. They say it helps.

Coffee drinking kids perform better at school and it has been proved. It’s not because their mental ability gets better than others, but they stay more focused and awake in classes and exams. And no research has shown that coffee is harmful to children. A recent study from Brazil shows that children who drink coffee with milk each day are less likely to have depression than other kids.

Coffee could be very harmful to pregnant women. It is harmful to the central nervous system stimulation of the baby inside the womb and also affects birth weight. Heart patients are advised not to drink caffeinated coffee. Doesn’t mean they can’t drink coffee. Decaf is everywhere!!! But, if you are pregnant it’s wise to totally avoid coffee.

Bottom-line is if you drink coffee a lot, don’t feel guilty about it. Keep drinking more. Coffee is far more beneficial than it is harmful. We drink it to stay awake, to be more active and not to feel the fatigue of overworking; and it does a lot more than that. Go and have a Lavazza, Melitta, Boncafe’ or whatever you prefer. Let’s go for a coffee!!!



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  1. A word of caution:

    If you are concerned that drinking coffee may not be good for your health OR have any concerns that it just may…discuss with your doctor!

    If you can drink coffee…consider MODERATION……PLEASE.

  2. Hammett says:

    medical watch – Thanks for dropping by and for the good advice… 🙂

  3. paradoX says:

    i drink loads of coffee cos i love it..y waste time thinking abt the benefits and harm it can cause..keep drinking coffee cos it ROCKS!!! 🙂 thanks for the justification

  4. baluupu says:

    *hey m not havin dat look u r tellin*…heheh…
    its jus de first time knowin coffe is sumthn good too..heheh..donno wen i started drinkin it,but my days wont start without it*kindah addict*..heheh..
    coool post duuuuuhhde..:-)..cheeeerrss.

  5. shaari says:

    hmmm…very important post that addresses a common concern. that’ll be good news for a lot of us at this coffee age. You mite also wanna consider a similar post on chocolate since it’s addictive & is the subject of constant health debate. i read that it’s benefits outweigh harm!

  6. Hammett says:

    paradox – heh.. that’s right.. why waste time.. thanks for visiting here.. 🙂

    baluupu – I’m sure you don’t have that look… what’s the look you had? hehe.. it’s a gud addiction though.. thanks.. 🙂

  7. Hammett says:

    shaari – thanks.. yea.. guess i should think about it.. for girls huh… chocolate isn’t my thing though.. not that i don’t eat or love it… not addicted… 😉

  8. aharen says:

    now that’s a good long list of good things about cofy.. is the list of bad things about cofy that long too???.. 😛

    you said “Let’s go for a coffee!!!” does the offer still stand?? 😉 keke..

    “Harassing about my caffeine is ingenious to your health” 😉

  9. Hammett says:

    aharen – nah.. list of bad things is nothing at all compare to the good things.. hehe.. yea.. the coffee stands.. depending on where you’re located.. i like that quote.. hehe.. cheers!! 🙂

  10. kukulhu says:

    nice coffee for meee

  11. Hammett says:

    kukulhu – it’s all yours.. 😉

  12. Kalyan says:

    I agree with you…so many studies have proved it!

  13. Very nice explation about coffee…Whatever case it may i will love the COFFEEEEEEE

  14. Lena says:

    in all times people say that they coffee is dangerous or good for health or better than tea or whatever else. But nothing will ever make people stop drinking coffee even if they are told they would die. Thats kind of a habit and no matter if it is a healthy one or not 😛
    I personally prefer tea though 😀

  15. Marutham says:

    Had a report about coffee & its medicinal values in one of Oprah’s shows.

    I wonder if thats all true.
    I take coffee once in a while but get bored when i take it very often (every day)

  16. subcorpus says:

    ok …
    though i’m not feeling well today … ur post actually brightened up my day a bit … and ofcoz made me wanna grab another cup of coffee …
    i was just looking for a reason to up caffeine level … and u gave it to me …
    god bless you …
    hehehe …

    PS:: dont trust those uni reports and stuff … they have a habit of changing over time … 180 degree turns r quite common … hehe …

  17. Anonymous says:

    I too agree !

  18. Hammett says:

    Kylan – yea. so many studies.. 🙂

    Raghu – Thanks.. 3 cups a day, keeps the doctor away 😉 hehe…

    Lena – Hehe.. you said it quite strongly. I would say the same, except.. for me, coffee is better than tea.. 😀

    Marutham – Researchers at Harvard studied more than 100,000 people who drink coffee everyday, over a period of 18 years… thanks.. 🙂

    Subcorpus – Glad I could be of help.. hope you’d get well soon!! I always tend to make people around me get caffeinated.. heh.. about the reports, yea… that could be true.. at least, sometimes… thanks a lot.. 😉

  19. Nessa says:

    I must have my 2 cups of morning coffee or I don’t function.

  20. Keshi says:

    tnxx for stopping by my blog 🙂

    I love coffee…infact Im having one now hehe.


  21. Hammett says:

    Nessa – Exactly!!! 😉

    Keshi – your place is cool.. enjoy your coffee.. and welcome here… 🙂

  22. Ta-Miit says:

    That all sounds so good! I love coffee. It is one joy of my life and keeps me going. I won´t quit drinking coffee even if somebody says me, it´s not healthy.

    Coffee bless us. 🙂

  23. Hammett says:

    ta-mitt – Hehe.. exactly! Me neither… I’m have got a cup of coffee with me even now. Nothing is gonna make me quit that… thanks for visiting… cheers!! coffee bless us!! 🙂

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