How Much Does Music Affect You?

It’s not only me, or you, who dance to the music or tap our feet to the beat. Our heart, muscles, brain, lung, and every cell for that matter, dances to the music. It could be you listening to something on your iPod, music playing on your computer while reading this post, background music at restaurants and shops, or sound of Aima band playing a musical while erecting a new building right next door. Music has a significant effect on your mood.
Music does so many things to our body like equalizing brainwaves, affecting blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, pulse rate, body temperature, and masking unpleasant sounds. It changes our perception of time and space, strengthens learning and memory, and stimulates digestion. Music affects our body in such a large way, though we aren’t aware of it, or maybe some of us know and don’t really appreciate. It enhances your romance and sexuality, fosters endurance, and generates a sense of well-being. It affects kids a lot. While the baby is growing in the womb, music can help. I found an interesting article about that.
Our brain has 4 kind of waves; Beta waves (14-20 Hz), Alpha waves (9-13 Hz), Theta waves (4-7 Hz), and Delta waves (0.5-3 Hz). Beta waves occur when we focus on daily activities or have strong emotions. Alpha waves occur when we’re calm and are in a state of heightened awareness. When we’re sleeping, meditating or in an inspiring mood, that’s when Theta waves occur. That’s the state when we can do creative things. In DEEP sleep or DEEP meditation, Delta waves occur. I wonder what happens when I sleep. I don’t sleep – hibernate instead. What waves would my brain produce then?
Many professors have done research and published findings about this. They say that, the slower the brain waves, the more relaxed, contended and peaceful we feel. Different type of music alerts different waves, and it depends on the person as well. Mozart could help, if you’re in a daydreaming, unfocused or emotional mood. We breathe to a rhythm and it does change depending on the music we’re listening to. When you breathe deep and slow, you have better control of emotions, think deeply, and it even does speed up metabolism. When you listen to fast paced music (eg, heavy metal), you breath is short and fast, and you’ve a tendency to make mistakes while banging your head. But that depends on how you react to heavy metal. I don’t have a problem studying while listening to that.

Our heart picks up frequency, tempo and volume of sounds and reacts to it. It changes pace accordingly and effects pulse rate. This is subtle. Yet it reacts to music. As a result of all these minor changes, the body temperature varies accordingly. Vibrations caused by earthquakes create tsunami. Music produces the same kind of vibrations; much lower than that though.
I was listening to Megadeth for continuous 3 days, about 2 weeks back. Then I changed to Metallica. After 4 days, I started listening to a country radio, and for the past few days, I have being listening to James Blunt. I could never stay on the same pace for long.
I have this assignment due next week. I wrote a few pages about 3 weeks back and this week I couldn’t focus on it at all. Whenever I open the document and start thinking, I find myself doing something else. And last night I was wondering; what’s going on with me? I wrote like 1500 words in 3 days before. Why can’t I do it now? Suddenly I thought of changing music. Resuming  Joe Satriani’s musicals, which I listen to most of the time, I found myself writing again.
I have a strange taste of music. I listen to everything, now and then. But mostly, I listen to Satriani, Steve Vai or MetallicaI listen to heavy metal, DJ, electronic and other stuff with fast beats, when I’m on-the-go. I enjoy iWalking to the beat. You should try it, if you already don’t. 

I can’t stay alone without music. It seems as if the silence would entangle and harm me in some way. I know, it’s stupid!! Does that happen to you guys? Appreciate music. Listen to different kinds of music and see how much wonders it can do. It’s the ‘International Language’. You might not understand the words, but, definitely, you can dance (doesn’t matter how) to the tune. What are you listening to now? I was listening to Mozart while writing this article. Mozart, huh?! It’s time for some more 
Satriani. 🙂


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  1. I have very little taste for music. ooops! With all those plus points, I wonder why we are having a row over music and singing? Got my point…pal?

  2. Nessa says:

    I listen to Strauss at work. It helps me relax and focus.

  3. Mind blowing about music…..really these four beta,alpha,theta,delta waves tunes the mind and helps in music therapy

  4. c e e d y says:

    dude – this is the exact reason when someone asks me whats your favorite music – i say it all depends on the mood – sometimes the music i liked yesterday might sound as simple noise bcos of my state of mind.

    great artical – about the 4 phases – there is a Silva Method of Training – i have learny it and one can put oneself in the alpha or theta phase by doing some simple exercises – I do that before i read a book or study or design – and beleive me it helps

    i am glad you found my blog – you have some interesting articals – am going to blogroll you immediately 🙂 hope its fine

  5. Hammett says:

    Mosaic – Got ya point! with all that said, maybe you could try listening to it more 😉

    Nessa – sure, it does. 🙂

    Raghu – Thanks… a friend told me about a programme on Net Geo about music. To my surprise, I’ve been told that in supermarkets they play certain types of music that keeps people in a mood to buy things. :S

  6. .mini says:

    god, hammett! its too long!
    ehenve dho, i’ll just answer your Q

    music affects me a lot, i can’t live without it
    i seriously cannot

  7. Hammett says:

    ceedy – Exactly! Almost everyone would have a favorite band or type of music. But do they listen to all the time? that all depends on the mood. :)I wouldn’t mind you blog rolling me. I already have you on my reader. Cheers!! 🙂

    .mini – I know and I’m sorry. I wrote on Live writer. So, it kinda fits everything on the whole screen. So I didn’t know that it’s gonna be this long..
    Yea.. we’re in the same group then. welcome.. cheers.. 🙂

  8. music is a must in ma affetcts me fully cant live without it…:D nice post

  9. Neobe says:

    I never listen to the same Artist like you do, for me its more like the mood i’m in that makes me play music…
    and when i need concentration, i prefer rock/heavy metal…

  10. Hammett says:

    shiphattey – ye man! cant live without it… 😉

    Neo – you’re right… yeah.. that kinda music is a nuisance to some people.. not me though.. i find it soothing.. cheers! 🙂

  11. I-kko says:

    music is my life…. I CANT LIVE W/O IT!!!

  12. Hammett says:

    ikko – thats the spirit.. oh yea!!! 😉

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love you hammet

  14. Hammett says:

    anonymous – That’s so sweet of you!! Does it have anything to do with music? *eye rolling* That’s a bit confusing :S

  15. Sarey says:

    Some info abt brain waves. thats good. About your focus on the assignments.. That happens to me too. But in my case its not only the music that change your mood. But there are otherways that can change your focus towards the assignment rather than wandering about on the interent… browsing.. exploring. But music do have effects on the brain, which can be compared to some drugs.

  16. samrina says:

    Hi Hammett,

    Well off course music do hv a impact on one’s mood.. if i m extremely depressed coz of any reason i listen some fast, romantic songs i feel fresh n it helps me to came out of the depression..

    Nice post..

    Take care

  17. Hammett says:

    Sarey – Thanks for sharing that. that’s right.. can’t stop wondering…. I’m improving it now…

    Samrina – Does romantic songs help you when you’re depressed? It doesn’t help me. I need some rock to make me feel better. Thanks… 🙂

  18. such an interesting post. 🙂
    I listen to music quite a bit. Wonder why i am chill all the time.. heheh

  19. anjelica says:

    hey hammet… its bein a long tym since i havent commented on ur posts dhoa?? actually im kinda busy these days….
    haadha looooooong post ekey :P…but i read it… wooosh !!! 😀
    wat i wanna say iz, i cant live without MUSIC!!!

  20. Hammett says:

    raaji – I guess that’s how you react to music… hehe.. cheers!! 🙂

    anjelica – Yea.. haven’t seen you around much.. I can sense the changes .. already commented on that.. 😛 too long post dhoa.. I should keep that in mind when I write.. I always forget… :S … 😉

  21. Solitaire says:

    Music is the best thing that ever happened!

  22. Hammett says:

    solitaire – on my list it’s below internet and computers though… 😉 cheers!!

  23. No better food for the soul there could be! 🙂

  24. Hammett says:

    Sameera – that’s the best way to say it short and sweet… 🙂

  25. tinkerbabe says:

    i was listening to the simpson’s theme song when i was reading this.

    anyway, love the article, i should try some of those types of music.

  26. Anonymous says:

    music is soothing to the soul for me and it helps me with schoolwork i just always listen to music i can’t live without it i love it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Yes some music can be unfavorable to the brain and the body. If you put a fresh egg on the stage and then hold a rock concert, the egg will be boiled.

    A study showed that when dogs listened to Metallica they got anxious and barked more and when the same dogs listened to classical the dogs rested.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The next time you are listening to a song, you can try to measure your thoughts and feelings. Do they change throughout the song. Are they good or bad. Does the song make you really stressed out. Does the song make you more stressed out than you should be. When you are trying to write an essay, does the music help you concentrate. I have listened to a lot of clips of rock music and country music recently. I have noticed that the rock songs often throw in drum beats in a way that creates tension. And I have noticed that the country songs have so much useless stuff in the mix that it creates tension.

  29. I listen to music depends upon my mood.Generally I listen to metallica.
    And the most important is the wave tunes.Simply saying I love music…
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