Overcoming Catapedaphobia through Skydiving

Overcoming Catapedaphobia through Skydiving

One oar stroke at a time! (Not the actual rowing boat)

Rowing around the Maldives: taking voice of the Ocean

Seeing the sadness in his eyes breaks my heart

Silent Cries of a Child

Coffee by the sea

Coffee before Footy


No Weather is Bad

Sunset, Male', Maldives

Golden Rays


Media, Society and Suicide

Death by suicide and self-inflicted injuries have increased in the Maldives over the years. Reasons behind which can be really complex, studies conducted in different parts of the world shows the leading cause as mental health issues related to depression and substance abuse. What we know about causes of suicide lags far behind our knowledge […]

Moonlit Night

Light of Life

Glowing blue tide at night in Vaadhoo, Maldives

Neon Light Show at Vaadhoo Shore 

Photo source: Espy

Only a Surfer Would Understand 


Story of the Sunset

National Flag of Maldives

Celebrate Triumph with Gratitude and Respect