Blinding Morning Rays

After Midnight


We Are One, In Moiety


Peppermint Tea or Black Coffee?


Disoriented Body Clock

It’s today here, I’m here, It’s yesterday there, I’m there, Physically I’m here, just here, Partly I’m there, still there; Up at two in the morning, how rare, Breakfast before dawn, so bizarre, Drowsy and yawning at work, in the chair, Late afternoon here, past bedtime there; It’s today here, I’m here, It’s yesterday there, […]


A stubborn mind’s invasion

. Twisting and turning, on my warm and comfy bed;Wandering and wondering, in vague thoughts, outspread;Wanting and needing, in desperate wait for its return;Sleepless and helpless, in invasion of a mind so stubborn. Tired and exhausted, yet troubled with a slight headache;Worried and scared, uncertain of what’s keeping me awake;Reading and writing, lot to be […]


Mind Tortures the Innocent Body