Digital Wildfires | Social networks make it easy to lie?

I have always been intrigued by the exponential increase in the speed of social media and how Internet has revolutionized the way we interact, which keeps getting better and more innovative. Ubiquity, mobility with increased use of smart phones, anonymity and ease of use plays a major role in this. Businesses and governments providing more […]


Is iOS7 making you seasick on dry land?


AirDrop..iThink, iShare -^|^- Steal my iPhone and I will make it a $$$ iRock :)

We all mourned the loss of visionary and creative genius, cofounder, chairman and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. He surrounds himself with exceptionally bright people who reciprocate and further elevate his thinking to revolutionize computer, music and mobile phone industries.  But with the new products coming to market today, it’s evident that his visions and […]

The Island Nations’ Presence on the Facebook: Interesting Statistics

Facebook is BIG  International Telecommunications Union (ITU) statistics1 shows that over 33% of the 7 billion world population are using Internet, out of which 45% are below the age of 25. ITU statistics also show that over 5.9 billion (which is over 80% of world population) are using mobile phones.  Over 70% of online population use […]


Internet reshaping our lives


Mobile phones allow deaf people to communicate anytime, anywhere!

A Study – Potential E-crime Threats on e-Government of Maldives

ABSTRACT E-Government initiative of Maldives has undoubtedly invited new forms of crimes against the government agencies. The legal system which does not cover electronic crimes is a major bottleneck in circumventing these crimes. This paper would discuss current and future potential e-crimes on the e-government of Maldives, and highlight on technical and legislative countermeasures. 1- […]


Predicting 2008 – Forthcoming Technologies

Many new technologies have exploded throughout that year 2007, including Facebook, iPhone, Nintendo Wii. A recent technology from NeuroSky which translates brainwaves to commands, making it possible for any electronic appliance to be controlled by just concentration, is a major breakthrough in 2007. It’s hopefully going to be on the market this year. You can […]

Facebook – An Ecosystem Mirroring the Real World

The Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (former Harvard student) says that he’s going to create an ecosystem exactly mirroring the real world, on the Facebook platform. The core of this modeling would be "social graph" in Facebook, which keeps track of everyone on the network with their connections to each other. If every […]


Nanotechology to Boost Battery Life 10 Times


XP Excels over Vista

New tests have revealed that Windows XP with its beta Service Pack 3 performs twice better than Vista, even with its long-awaited Service Pack 1.  The Service Pack 1 is expected to be released in early 2008, intended to boost performance and further strengthen security issues. According to researchers at Devil Mountain Software (software development […]

Grammatical Freedom for Facebook Users

“To be, or not to be: Now Facebook users can decide” Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website around, worth over 8 billion US dollars. Cultivated and grown in the education sector, registration closed to university emails only, Facebook has transcended to a more open website claiming over 58 million members and […]