Apple Safari 3 Public Beta

I installed Apple Safari 3 Public Beta on my Windows XP machine tonight….

It’s nice and pretty fast… got the “APPLE” look…..

12 reasons you’ll love Safari (atleast Apple says so): 1-Blazing Performance…. 2- Elegant User Interface …. 3- Easy bookmarks…

4- Pop-up blocking… 5- Inline find.. 6- Tabbed browsing… 7- Snapback… 8- Forms AutoFill… 9- Built-in RSS … 10- Resizable Text Fields… 11- Private Browsing… 12- Security…

It’s faster than Opera and Internet Explorer….

Watch the demo and download it for free…..

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  1. Goadus says:

    ey kaley thee Apple Safari advertise kuraa mee heh tha

  2. Anonymous says:

    kaleyah hama yageen tha safari fast kan! mashakah hiyeh nuvey! safari kada! nikan kaley alhe safari in hulhuvaalabaya!! vaagoiy balaalan!

  3. Neobe says:

    i tried parallel in both browsers….well Safari loaded faster…

  4. kukulhu says:

    Ey safari dhuvvan dhaan veenu thihaa fastiyyaa

  5. Hammett says:

    Safari is faster.. i have tested it with Opera and IE..

    safari is faster… and I’m using it now 😛

    Apple is planning to realease a new product… aimed towards mobile TVs.. it’s called Joadey Live…


  6. Gaanagaa says:

    Safari is fast? never noticed that.
    I compared memory usage to firefox, and i think it took 10 more megs of memory than Firefox.
    Looks cool but lacks customizations and addons like in Firefox.

  7. Hammett says:

    Yeah.. it’s fast… I haven’t compared it to Mozilla yet..

    It doesn’t have many addon features as in firefox and opera… Still it’s pretty cool…. a lot better than IE7…

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