One stroke at a time! (Not the actual rowing boat)
One stroke at a time! (Not the actual rowing boat)

On this day of 2017, I will be embarking on a human-powered journey to row around the Maldives, in an effort to voice environmental concerns and raise public awareness. I will be undertaking this challenge, with a friend of mine, in a seaworthy ocean rowing boat. Rowing for 24 hours a day, every day, this expedition is estimated to take 30 days covering 2100 kilometers, with over a million oar strokes.

I first came up with the idea in June of 2015, and discussed among friends over a cup of coffee; everyone thought it was absolutely crazy, and quite many said that this is far from doable. That’s when I started to get engaged in long hours of more physically demanding activities, such as swimming, biking and running, with the intention of building on endurance to attempt this challenge. Then again, no amount of training would comprehensively prepare anyone for something as crazy as this.

I guess the completion of 24 hour ultra run gave me enough mental strength to endure this challenge. Now the date is fixed and route planned, the project is in the documentation phase, following which all the details will be put on the website in the coming weeks.

In addition to having never rowed in the ocean before, I know that it’s going to be extremely tough and rough, for a person like me who gets seasick easily, doing anything to avoid sea travel. Vomitting my guts out, and taking one oar stroke a time shall get me to the finish line. That’s all it takes 😀

With almost a year to prepare, I expect to get started with the training as soon as possible. Anyone who wants to show your support for this expedition, please do contact me. Need all the help I can get 😀