Seeing the sadness in his eyes breaks my heart
Seeing the sadness in his eyes breaks my heart
I was born in a small island,
A father I didn’t know I had;
And I was living in a nightmare,
Scared of the mother I had.


All I wished was to be treated,
Just a bit like my other siblings;
And I wanted to be greeted,
With a hug, hello and smiles.


But every time I got rewarded,
With verbal abuse and beating;
All I wanted was to not be rejected.
Was that too much I was seeking?


I stay still when mother was around;
For every weeping or happy sound,
I got hit hard and pushed to the ground,
Only a small amount of it seen as a wound.


Now I have forgotten how to smile
And gotten used to sit alone in a corner;
For no one would care for my cries,
I hoped day and nights would pass sooner.


I think there’s a darkness inside me,
And I must be real stupid and ugly;
Why else would no one adore me?
Why else would my own mother hate me?


I wished to learn to be good,
But I was scared to ask for help;
And I wished to grow up to be better,
But my life ended before I could spell help.


I’m sorry mother for messing up your life;
I’m sorry I was the reason for all your rage;
I promise to do much better in afterlife,
And I hope you will someday miss me and pray.


My thoughts and prayers are with this innocent little kid. May he rest in peace!
Photo credits: Ibrahim Asad