It’s cooler than four-wheels, easier to get around;
Enjoying sun and the cold, everything that’s around;
It’s pleasant activity, an exercise, panting and paddling;
Goodbye to motion-sickness, I would rather prefer biking.

Needed to chill out tonight, steering about in London;
Stunned outside the garage, indecisive of my vision;
Rub my eyes and looked again, oh man, forever it’s gone;
Observed for a while, certainly stolen by a disturbed spawn.

Damn, I had it locked securely to the frame, and it was there three days back. The garage “was” very much protected. Gates are always securely locked and accessible only with keyless remote-control entry fobs which are provided to tenants only. The 24/7 guard, CCTV cameras, were there and I can’t wait for Monday to call them and inquire about it. In fact, with so much useless security, the garage isn’t safe anymore!!!

Who would want to steal that ugly bicycle dressed in mild rust? Apparently, some sssh0le did. Nevertheless, I hope it does him some good. The worst thing is that I haven’t ridden it in more than a week. Now that it’s gone, I want to ride it even more. I’m glad I didn’t put more money to decorate my lost friend. Goodbye bikey!

Image taken from here.