Would you surrender, or try to conquer,
When misfortune holds you by the collar,
Getting it’s grip tighter, your neck is tied,
And nothing you touch seems to be right?

Should your reaction be fight or flight,
When everything you thought was right
Yesterday, turns out to be wrong today,
When everything you do seem to go sideways?

Should you give up or do the inevitable,
When the course is dark and impenetrable,
And you’re stuck on a roller coaster ride downhill,
Off the road, in pothole covered path with no thrill?

Would it be quite natural to sit back and wonder,
Why this exquisite end of Universe is out of order,
And perhaps wish for the mother ship to return,
With beautiful aliens, to take you home to Saturn?

The answer is simple and right on your sight.
Give it up to the Mother Nature and let her guide;
Constant setbacks are her way of making you stronger,
And you’d comeback resilient; though it takes longer.