When the sun shines up, you wish for the rain;
When clouds pour down, you still do complain;
Then the night arrives, and you miss the sun,
When you could light a candle and chill for fun.

Why do you complain for things not there?
Why do you blame others for your despair?
When you could obtain, a moment to share,
If you could retain, your sense now, here.

When I am gone, you wish it to revert;
When I came along, you wince and avert;
Oh, how you mourn, for you are cursed;
And now you long, for me to diverge.

Why do you not see, the good in things dear?
Why do you always flee, when you are in fear?
Now you must quietly, learn to let go and revere,
And master to foresee opportunity and not veer.