Don't kill yourself and us too
Don’t kill yourself and us too

Some say fag, it is a chiller,
That gives a temporal high;
Some say fag, it is a killer,
That burns slowly inside;

Some say fag, it is a gripper,
Making you it’s slave;
I say fag, it is a whisper,
From the angel of death.

And it starts with a social dare,
Of your friend’s peer pressure;
And it lasts, caught in a snare,
That gives you a brief pleasure.

It’s a life drowning in desire,
and wanting peer acceptance;
It’s a soul caught on fire,
and inhaling death sentence.

When the time is here alright,
And you know you had enough;
And the clock would loudly strike,
It’s time for you to cut it off.

Gotta be tough, no more puff,
It’s the best decision you’d ever take;
When you finally understand what it does,
Killing you and I, softly with every breath.


Sing to the tune of “The Rose” by Bette Middler

I quit on 5th December 2014, after smoking for around 17/18 years. Never thought I could, but now they I’ve done it, it feels really good, and I’m glad I finally decided to quit 🙂