Light of Life
Light of Life
I’ve been lying to my inner self,
And denying, what i truly felt;
Hiding behind a veil of oblivious mesh,
Scared to reveal my true self.

Then you slipped under my skin,
Into the dark void in my chest;
Where i kept a hidden stone,
Cold with dust of bloody red.

And you warmed what used to be
a frozen heart, with a golden touch;
Where it used to be dead and shabby,
You made flowers bloom and blush.

Awakening a part of me i thought
did not exist, making me feel alive,
Freeing me from all the weight
I carried all these years to survive

Something you made me feel,
Which I thought was not real,
Till I could no more wrestle,
squeezed in my ruptured shell,
Finally breaking off to reveal,
Because it is just so special.