There was a huge tree; centered in thick woodland growth,
Standing tall and free, appeared like the king of the grove,
Thick and twiggy arms, spread-out wide providing shade,
Safe from harms way, his countless followers never strayed.
On a wooden bench, by this very large tree, she sat alone;
Hiding in a trench, I peeped from afar, quiet and still like a stone;
Made my gut wrench, as the wind brought to me that cologne,
With her signature scent; to the smell of it, roses started to bloom.
Birds flew around singing, as branches of the tree leisurely swayed;
And she kept grinning, as if she can see, but well hidden i stayed;
Her curvy figure swinging, she started walking across the glade;
My cheeks twitching, I smiled as she approached calling my name.
With a pleased tone, she asks “why are you inside there, why hide”?
The truth I told, and the rest of the story, we agreed to seal tight.
A story untold, what happened lived in the woods whom we did confide;
Their king hold, his countless followers to their words, far and wide.
image source [here]