Angel in the Sky
Angel in the Sky

The delightful way she peeks,

with twinkling in her eyes;
The dimples on her cheeks,
looks adorable when she smiles.
Witty remarks she made with

A mezzo tone in her voice;
Pretty face she put on fits,
Mellow composure in her poise.
The way she bit her rosy lips,
And looks away and sighs;
The pace she takes on her heels,
As she walks away with a stride.
Turning night to day, she leaves,
Shooting deep in to the night sky;
Squirming side to side, she flees;
For she is an angel in disguise.
To replace the unearthly glimpse,
Of that moment, will be nowise
To retrace that heavenly bliss;
Of a mythical angel’s demise.