Lived through 365 days, both miserable and happy;

Cherished are good days, and forgotten are the unhappy;

Partially or fully, we tried achieving the resolution;

Time for change, starting with a new resolution.


Prosperity and happiness, this year would bring you;

Faith and new dreams, this year would guide you;

Love and caring, this year would engender you;

Trust and sincerity, this year would influence you.


Let go fear and tears, start with joy and smiles;

Learn from the mistakes, and start living new styles;

Greetings and wishes, glory drawn from several miles;

Networks getting jammed, bathing in compliments of all styles.


Neon lights and fireworks, gold light and star light;

Celebrated acutely BIG, sky bright with multicoloured light;

Countdown goes universally, joy, laughter and dancing on tiptoe;

Zero ticks the clock, New Year starts kissing under mistletoe;


Last post of the year, thanking you all for the read;

Your inspired suggestions, enjoyed and learned upon read;

Next year would bring, gripping intrigue to blogs we read;

A year of hope, peace, blessing and doing good deeds.




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