blooming-wisteria-tree-positano-n1-italy-italy+1152_13272248438-tpfil02aw-12574Sleep grasped me, into a surreal state,
Of you and me, in a faraway place;
Wild and free, on a journey upstate,
On a spree; nothing to add or abate.
Deep down me, here I want to stay,
just you and me, in our hideaway;
With impish glee, lit up her lioness face,
Slowly melting me, with effortless grace.
Spiritual beauty, her eyes emanate,
That takes me, down a memory lane;
Stay with me, in this country estate,
Just you and me, cooing in a place safe;
Don’t wake me, from this intense trance,
under a wisteria tree, by the lake;
In the dream of we, in everlasting gaiety,
You and me; we are one, in moiety.
Image source: Trip Advisor