Hey guys,

It’s time to write something here after so long – 13 months ;). Not that I’ve left blogosphere, my excuse is the so-called “being BUSY”.

Anyway, it’s amazing how the Internet has changed our lives. It’s nothing new to talk about, but at certain times like today, I keep thinking about how our lives would be without it – disconnected from the virtual world. Two sides of that just like anything else for that matter.

I just returned from Addu City yesterday. Something I observed there, which has no particular relevance to Internet, is not something I’ve yet seen in Male. Nobody seems to go to grocery shops anymore…probably a few still does, most don’t! They even order almost everything, from curry leaves, bottle of water, a pack of cigarette…just to mention a few. And the cool thing is, quantity doesn’t matter, even the matchbox is delivered FREE. My initial comment to that was “sheer laziness”..I still think so! Why cant u just move your lazy-ass to the shop next-door to buy something so small as a Supari. Hehe. It’s ok to do your weekly/monthly shopping online/ over the phone and get free delivery.
I asked around a bit and some people seem to agree with me. This “free delivery” was a marketing initiative by one of the marts in Hithadhoo, which was copied by nearly most of the other marts over the past couple of years. That’s enough details – I’m not gonna dig any deeper
Anyway, thats teleshopping – I’d rather prefer online shopping. I guess that’d be the next step they take, one mart has to start and it spreads fast like a virus 🙂

So, back to the Internet Era, our presence on the Internet and our ability to use it wisely sort of defines our capacity to keep up with a reasonable pace in the current workplace. As Jack Welch says “I was afraid of the internet… because I couldn’t type”. That’s indeed something to be afraid of. It’s not only a necessity at workplace, it eases up our everyday life and open up new doors. Internet has changed the way we socialize – not only how, but who we socialize with. Our best buddies and guy next-door aren’t necessarily limited to our neighborhood/town. He/ she could be several thousand miles away connected on-the-go, chatting with you at the coffee table, or wherever else in a world where most of us are equipped with a 3G/wifi enabled iPad or a smartphone.

Over the past few years, Facebook has revolutionized how we spend time and what we do on the Internet. Thanks to Mark Zuckerbarg. There you are, catching up with your schoolmates, harvesting your crops in farmville with your cousins, receiving timely status updates from all you buddies, and poking someone every now and then. LoL!!!

Most important thing to remember is, you gotta be very careful who you share information with. There’s no problem with been overprotective of whom you share information with. Stupidity can get you into a real mess which I’m sure some of us have experienced. As Albert Einstein says “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits”.

So my advice – whatever you do on the global town square interconnecting virtual villages in all ends of the world, be overly cautious about what personal information you share and who you share it with. But stay connected!!!

Cheers 🙂

Photo credits: http://www.expertbusinessadvice.com/images/content/Building-a-business-in-the-internet-era.jpg