Dear blog readers,

You might have read my first article about cookery. That lesson being learned, I’ve purchased necessary items for cooking. Maybe not everything yet, hehe. Well, just as I normally do, I had this strong desire to eat roshi and baked beans again last night. Believe me, my appetite is uncontrollable. With enough motivation to get off my arse, I went into the kitchen.

It was a bit messy in there. One of my flatmate did not clean up after cooking. I made up some space and cleared a bit, spread all the required items on the kitchen counter and I reached for the "electric jug kettle" to boil some water. The jug is a cordless one with a docking station connected to the power outlet. It was half empty; there’s an indicator showing the level water in it. I wanted to empty a bit more because it’d take less time to boil. When I tried to lift it, it felt heavier (maybe because of the amount of water in it) than usual. After emptying half of the water in that, it was kind of weird when I tried to put the jug back on the dock. I turned on the power switch on the jug, but it didn’t come up. I got worried. Stupid me!! The power switch on the wall outlet was switched off. hehe. I put it on, and still no change. It’s more strange now. Maybe it wasn’t properly placed on the dock. There’s a spiral part protruding from the surface of the dock which goes into the jug connecting power to the heating element. I put my hands on top of the jug, and I pushed it down. Hooray!!! I got it working, but I had to keep it pressed down. In a few seconds, it started making a rather strange noise instead of the usual bubbly sound. Hehe… What have I done? I took the jug up to eye level and looked at the bottom. To my utter surprise, it’s surface was burnt. But it shouldn’t overheat, because it automatically goes off when water is boiled. Probably a manufacture defect. It must’ve being caused by someone else who used it before. That’s why it felt different when I first lifted the jug. Scared the hell out of me though, it could’ve have caused a fire.

Anyway, I had to boil water in a pan now. Kneading the dough like a professional (:P) made me feel good this time. Took me less time with the proper stuff for rolling, I was ready to cook. Before moving on to baking, I chopped onion, garlic, and chillies; because I wanted to cook both at the same (to save time ;)). I fried those stuff with curry leaves, and put tuna, then tomato paste, and lastly baked beans. I know I did it wrong. Hehe… When I asked my cousin later, it seems that I’ve to put tomato before adding tuna. Next time ;)… While cooking that, I started baking roshi. It wasn’t easy, I was in a rush. I wish I had four hands (Don’t you wish, sometimes). I had to keep stirring baked bean and baking roshi… haha.. Using the spatula to lift roshi was making it too slow, so I  take it with my bare hand sometimes. End up burning a finger, because I tried to lift the pan instead of roshi, not to mention that a few of them were overcooked.

Forget the bad experiences, food turned out to be awesome. :)) That’s the most important thing. Oh!! I almost forgot dinner. I could stay here writing all night, but I wouldn’t. I’m going to get some food. Thanks listening to me babbling. I try not to do it, but here I’ve done it again.