It’s a fact that Maldives has the highest divorce rate in the world, and lot of Maldivians talk about as well. Alarmingly, the figure is way higher than the rate of any other country. The figure speaks for itself. But, what could be the factors “contributing” to this world record?

Actually, I’m rather new to the concept of marriage/divorce :S. Maybe you guys could help me understand what could causing this. Few things that come to mind are:

1- Lack of awareness and higher education in the country.

2- Marriage to please parents
It happens a quite a lot in Maldives, and usually doesn’t last long.

3- Women are underrepresented in the workforce.

Maldives has a long history of women growing up to be just only housewives. Though it has changed a bit over the years, it is still seen and practice that way – maybe not as much in Male’, but definitely in the outer islands.

4- Ease of getting a divorce.

In Islamic Sharia pronouncement of a few words can settle a divorce. In a community where “divorce” is no different from quitting a job – the way it is seen socially – in many instances these words might be used unwisely. I believe the regulation of divorce has changed a bit.

5- Trust, respect and loyalty are unvalued.
Hoo-ha… this is a huge topic!

6- Marriage at YOUNG AGE

Don’t get me started. Look around you; friends, family, co-workers – its true! Few guys in mid 20s are mature and/or grown up to be heading a family. It usually ends with a pregnant lady or a little kid or two – whom, most of the time, have to find a way to bringing up a family on her own while the proud dad flies around looking for “exposed nectar”. Is that outrageous? 😐

7- …and etc!! Don’t hunt me down

There’s a lot more, but I got to run. Interesting topic, isn’t it?

What have you got to say?