Microsoft released a pretty cool desktop application (free download) to make blogging easier than ever; Windows Live Writer. Many cool features, and so easy to use. The most important functionality is that it enables true WYSIWYG blog authoring. Once your blogging account has been setup in the Writer, it’ll detect the style of your blog by posting a sample on your blog. With true WYSIWIG, you don’t have to worry about how it’ll appear on you blog, because you’ll be editing it in the same view as it appears on your blog. It has multiple views such as Web Layout, Web Preview, and HTML Code.

With Windows Live Writer you can have multiple blogging accounts (Windows Live Space, Blogger, many more) setup on the writer and switch between accounts in just 2 clicks. It’s easy to format the blog and you can also insert tables, pictures, videos, tags, hyperlinks. maps and many more. You can also tell the writer to upload pictures to a particular FTP server you choose, and to link it to the blog. Inserting maps into blog has never been easier. The blogger can insert Windows Live Maps directly into the post and customize it there itself; changing the view to show bird’s eye details, aerial or road view and adding pushpins.


It’s so handy to have an application that would do just what you want it to do, or probably more. I like and hope you guys would find it useful as well.