Hello guys……..

I apoligise for disappearing from my e-life. I know it’s been a while. Battling through an arcade of stress and puzzles about life, I landed in Male’ about a month back. As much as I wanted to surprise friends and family, some how to ‘my surprise’ most of them were expecting me. Information disclosure; that won’t happen next time… Hehe..

I had a great time there. It was so good to be back home though it wasn’t after that long. You know how it feels like, don’t you? I was on vacation and didn’t get much time to get to work (updating blog and all). You know what! Actually, my timing was great as if I was planning to attend Rockstorm Chapter 2, which I wasn’t. Hehe… It was an amazing show performed by selected few bands from last year and the stunning Malaysian band, not to mention Fasylive.

After 2 weeks of homely food, coffee hopping and teasing close friends (;P) I’m back here again and got busy and then got busy with other things. Now that I’ve figured out most part of the ‘Puzzle of Life’, I’m reconstructing it wisely. I have been through reincarnation. Is that scary?

I would try to keep updating this space as much as I could and would be back soon with more stuff. Actually, I got a lot of things to write here. However, I don’t want to write too much today and bore you guys. Keep coming back for more. 🙂