Exam stress huh! Why am I talking about it here? It’s crystal clear; that’s exactly what I’m going through right now. I hope I’ll be alright. I always tend to show too much stress when it comes to exams. Oh man, there’s a lot to talk if you want to listen to that! Maybe this is not the right time though.

Actually, having exam stress to a certain extent is a good thing. They say it helps sharpen concentration and performance and help to create the additional energy and momentum required to keep studying when we would be doing something else. Indeed! It would make you drive the extra mile, rather than becoming complacent. Too much stress, however, can be overwhelming and stop us from being able to study and get on with life.

For the last 3 days, I was studying in the library with my friends. I get really stressed and find myself completely lost sometimes. The little-white-thing-that-I-puff-away didn’t seem to help much though ;). When I’m questioned on certain topics, I know that I’ve read it but I can’t recall it. I didn’t realize what really was going on till yesterday.

Library is not the perfect environment for me to study. It’s a huge place, and supposed to be silent. You see people talking and moving around. In the library, you’ll always get distracted. Since yesterday, I’ve being studying in my room. It’s remarkable how much I have crammed in a day. I shouldn’t have gone to the library at all. Yes, actually I do. Remember, no REGRETS! That’s a new lesson for me.

To study, I need to be alone.

Things I do, I do better on my own.

It helps to have some music on.

And coffee turns the machine on.

Studying long hours at a stretch, doesn’t help at all. It’s important to do something else after about an hour of studying. I haven’t being around this place much, lately. Still, I find time to peep in once in a while. It helps, you know! Sometimes you have to find a way to totally forget about studies. Then when you get on back to it, your mind would be more fresh and you wouldn’t be in a place where you keep on thinking that you’re pushing yourself too hard and you know… Am I right?

I reckon you would be thinking why I’m writing about exam stress, since I want to forget about it and concentrate on studying. Talking about it helps. I’m feeling much better now. Thanks guys for reading my e-thoughts. I got to get back to more cramming. Wednesday is the bitter-sweet day. 🙂

Time for some desserts… chocolate chip cookies!!



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