How many days can you go without areca-nut, supari, or maybe kill? Especially, if you are a smoker. Not a problem in Maldives though!! But for most of us, living or studying abroad, it’s hard to find and some people gets used to not having it. I’m not one them. I need it as badly as I need to smoke. Not that bad, maybe!! I don’t know.

I didn’t bring supari with me when I came here. Damn me!! Well, I had night flight and I was so busy that day, I totally forgot about it until quarter past eleven. All shops were closed then. I was planning to buy at least 3 or 4 box. Unlucky me!! A colleague of mine gave me something that night. Guess what?? A packet of killi. Don’t laugh at me!!! It’s not that small. The size of a "chicken-ring" packet. Guess I’m not that unlucky after all. Thanks to Zuney.

I had that killi packet for about 2 months. I was eating it bit by bit. I didn’t want to finish it off, or not to eat it. Sounds like my thoughts are quite contrary, right? Still, that’s how I felt about it. Thinking about this, a rather sad thought just struck me. Those poor kids, orphaned or born to poor families, they’d be taking food and water in quite the same way or maybe worse. How sad is that? I sometimes think about it, you know. Do you? So sad. Let’s not jump back and forth between subjects. When I finished that killi packet (it was sad day), I didn’t throw it away. Although there was nothing to eat. Did you just picture me eating the packet? No, I didn’t. I just kept it and I started taking "sugarfree gum" more than usual. Sometimes, I rather wished I was in an Asian country. Then, it wouldn’t be so hard to find things like that.

Well, I got to sleep now. It’s very late and I don’t want to make this article any longer than it already is. I haven’t finished this story yet. I’d return with part 2, once I wake up. I know that you can’t stand me carping. Sorry about it. Thank you for listening anyway.

(To be continued…)


Hammett Image Source: Spices of India