I don’t know where to start…actually wondering – not wondering. Hehe. After I wrote down the topic, my mind wondered elsewhere, fueled by hunger, and I wandered somewhere to eat dinner :). It’s not uncommon for us to wander and wonder most of the time, or do both at the same time, sometimes!

There are so many reasons to why this happens. We are living in a world too fast paced to sit and wait in calmness for anything these days. Constantly interrupted by phone calls, text messages, and emails. Facebook texts are sometimes a pain in the a4$3 at times. It keeps coming and coming, and drain the battery before you decide to turn FB text off.

Gone are the days when we had to be going out, moving around restlessly, to actually wander. In the digital world you could be wandering about anywhere in seconds – something I tend to do quite often, without even realizing. Now that I’m thinking about these two words that are spelled nearly the same, sound nearly the same and mean kind of the same thing, I come to realize how much I do it. All the time!!! I find it nearly impossible to stop wondering.

The reason why I am writing this article is still not clear. Lets explore this a bit more. These two words which sound similar, when spelled with an ‘a’ means “move about aimlessly without any destination”, whereas with an “o” it means “…exploration of and around ideas, dreams and concepts”. Wandering is physically tiring and wondering is mentally tiring. However tiring it maybe, it’s good in a way. It takes us away from the busy work life. Aimless, restless, fearless, and worry-less, feelings of a child- not necessarily mindless. Hehe

I can’t keep track of how much I w_ndered after I started writing this article – which wasn’t too long ago. Now that it makes me wonder why I started writing about it in the first place, I frankly have no idea how it got me started. This is quite interesting. I could write a book on this topic filled with nonsense. Now that brings me to wonder why you would want to hear me babble. I’ll stop this right here…gotta go wander somewhere else. Yea, this feels good!!! 😉