The Attorney General’s Office website has been listed as a suspicious website, which might infect your computer with malicious software. This malicious software includes 45 scripting exploits and 5 Trojans. When you enter the website, malicious software might be downloaded and installed without your knowledge.
I was searching for some information and happened to go to this website. But, luckily, I got warned by the antivirus software.

Although malicious software is not hosted on this website itself, it is hosted on 47 other domains and 6 domains are functioning as intermediaries for distributing these malware to visitors of AG Office Website. Successful infection might result in an average of 3 more processes on your computer. Here is the link from Google Safe Browsing Tool which gives more detail of the activity.

The rather strange thing is, the website has been listed as suspicious for 90 days (3 months) and still contains malicious code. Most of the desktop antivirus applications would show some kind of warning. I wonder why the website still contains these codes. It is possible that the IT staffs are not aware of the problem.

Government websites are virtual gateways for netizens to access the government. While establishment of e-Government is taking place in Maldives, incidents like these are setbacks which will have an effect on netizens accepting and/or trusting the e-services.

Hope to see the site cleaned soon. I really need to get some data from there. 🙂