I want to use my laptop for several hours, maybe a day, without connecting to the wall outlet. Don’t you? I hate it when my iPod dies, when I so badly need it. Don’t you wish, you don’t have to charge your mobile phone so regularly? Technology is promising these advancements, and it’s very close.

Stanford researchers have demonstrated how they could use nanotechnology to boost battery life. They used lithium batteries which lasts 10 times longer with  the new technology. Lithium battery is most commonly used to power laptops, iPods, mobile phones, and many other electronic devices we use everyday. Electric cars or solar panels could produce more electricity with this new method using silicon nanowires.

These researchers are going to form a company or work in partnership with a battery manufacture for mass production using this technology. It might bring up the price of these devices a bit, but I hope it will go down real soon as any other technology does. How about lots electric cars on the streets next decade, too soon? Drive whole day, and connect to wall outlet in the garage at night. Wow!!  A major breakthrough in electronics, we cannot accept any less. 🙂