New tests have revealed that Windows XP with its beta Service Pack 3 performs twice better than Vista, even with its long-awaited Service Pack 1.  The Service Pack 1 is expected to be released in early 2008, intended to boost performance and further strengthen security issues.

According to researchers at Devil Mountain Software (software development company based in Florida) Windows XP Professional with it’s beta Service Pack 3 has outshone Windows Vista, in a benchmarking process. Vista, both with and without Service Pack 1, performed notably slower than XP. Vista took 80 seconds to complete the test, while XP took only 35 seconds proving better performance over it’s predecessor. Vista with it’s forthcoming SP 1 shows an increased performance of less than 2%, compared to performance without SP 1 installed. XP with its beta SP 3 boots 10% performance compared to XP with SP 2. The test bed used in benchmarking was a Dell XPS M170; 2GHz Core 2 Duo with 1GB RAM. And, Office 2007 was used during the test for productivity tasks such as creating documents, supporting workbooks, and presentations.

A survey by IT Professionals shows that 1 year after release of Vista, only 13% of businesses adopted it. It’s far behind Microsoft’s expectations.With many  businesses awaiting the release, if SP 1 does not evolve sufficiently it could be a setback for Vista. A comparison of XP and Vista during the first 6 months of each operating systems release show that Vista 59.7 percent behind XP. What a shame! Microsoft allowed PC Manufacturers to continue selling with XP until 31st January 2008. However, the pressure from manufacturers and consumers forced the deadline to be extended until June.

Microsoft says that they are still developing the SP 1 for Vista and targets to deliver something meets full spectrum of customer needs. I really hope that’s true. I’ve been using Vista for the past 5 months, and I really wish I had XP on my machine. It’s very fancy and has many new features, but it’s mostly the performance makes you dislike Vista sometimes.

Let’s see how this promising Service Pack would turn out to be. Keep your fingers crossed!!  đŸ™‚